“Do you travel for sessions?” This is a question I was recently asked by one of my repeat, first-birthday session moms. Of course I do! My heart beats and my shutter clicks for those opportunities to capture families being together and making memories. I wish that I had someone to just be around taking pictures of my family (with me in them!) spending time together and sharing so many first experiences. I would certainly jump at the opportunity to offer that to other families in my story-telling sessions.

So far, no one has come to me for a story-telling session, but I am still hopeful that one of these days someone will see the value in it. Imagine spending the day doing nothing but having fun, and having someone else worry about capturing it all. You can just stay in-the-moment and focus on doing things instead of taking pictures of doing things. The benefit is there. I’m not suggesting that it is a cost-effective solution to every family activity, but special ones should be given special attention. First time activities are especially important to me and a lot of other moms I know. These firsts can be firsts and only experiences or firsts in a long line of family traditions. Why not capture it, thoroughly, beautifully, carefully, by hiring someone else to spend the whole day making sure everything is captured so you can focus on doing everything.

Take a look at a recent first with my family to see how these moments can be captured. We took my son on a fantastic day trip to Idlewild and Soakzone, an amusement park in Ligioner, PA. None of us had ever been to the park before, but we knew it was going to be a huge opportunity for a very special day out together. Our son is about to turn three in October, so he is very into exploring, climbing, riding rides (especially trains), and of course his cartoons: including Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a feature attraction at Idlewild.

Take a look at the memories I was able to capture with what I would consider a story-telling session! (I just wish I could have been IN more of the pictures. My husband tries, but my camera is pretty foreign to him.)

Take a trip with us! Story-telling Sessions at Idlewild Amusement Park







Lots of wonderful memories that we made! I am so happy to have these images. I *almost* didn’t bring my good camera (I was afraid of breaking it) but in the end my desire to have quality pictures to look back on from the day won out over my fear. I couldn’t be happier that I braved it out. We were able to have such a wonderful day and share it with everyone we love when we got home and it was all because we have these great pictures.