Mini-sessions are one of those staples in a photographer’s list of offerings. Sometimes, there are moments and memories uniquely suited to a short-term, focused session which I refer to as a “in-a-snap” session. For the most part, in these sessions photographers tend to focus on holidays or special occasions which involve props or backdrops. At Artful Wonder, however, our passion is for natural, interactive sessions which focus on the connections between people.

This month, I had the pleasure of being present for the birth of brand new baby Preston. Preston’s grandma was in town for the birth from North Carolina and requested a special session with all three of her grandbabies before she had to return home. With Preston expected on Sunday, we tentatively set a date for Wednesday morning July 5th to complete a in-a-snap session with grandma.

Well, if you read my post about Preston’s birth, you’d know it went really well and unexpectedly started earlier than scheduled. So, with a speedy birth, Preston and his mommy went home in the evening on Monday the 3rd and got a chance to really settle in at home before our in-a-snap session with grandma on Wednesday.  The plan for our session was to get together at their home and shoot some quick shots with the new baby, send him back inside with mommy, and finish up some more pictures with Grandma and the other two grandbabies.

That was really all of the planning that went into this session, and I have to admit it is one of my absolute favorite sessions TO DATE. It went perfectly and produced some of the most tender, loving images I have ever had the pleasure of capturing. Everything came together in-a-snap.

In-a-Snap Session with Grandma

granmda babies-01.2granmda babies-01


granmda babies-02.1


Everything went beautifully! It was such a fun, in-a-snap session. Grandma Jenny got exactly what she was hoping for and we were quick enough that there were no melt down moments from the little ones. The weather was great, the yard and area around their house was great, the kids were in good spirits, and of course, Grandma Jenny was looking flawlessly gorgeous!