This week I celebrated my third anniversary with my husband, and every year since the day of our wedding we have visited the Maize Valley Winery for fall family fun. I chose to have some of our portraits taken at the winery on the day of our wedding because our wedding was wine and beer themed. We were shocked to discover that we were walking onto a property full of dozens of families having a whole lot of fun. So, we decided that every year we would make the trip back out in partial celebration of our anniversary as well as pure enjoyment for the fall season. Fall is my favorite season and some of the best memories of my adult life involve the autumn season. This year we were particularly excited to take our son because he is about to turn two and he is a very curious little boy. So, of course, I had to capture some of these precious family moments!

Little Boys and their Trucks

This year I actually had the pleasure of winning a family four pack of tickets through a subscription I have to Northeast Ohio Family Fun, so that was a great surprise! We were able to go and bring my nephew and his girlfriend along with us (under 2 is free). My little guy made a beeline for the playground area and spent at least 60% of our family time playing in this sandbox full of tiny pebbles, trucks, shovels, and bounce toys. I have to admit that a pebble box is an amazing solution! Not using sand made it much cleaner and I imagine a lot less of a mess during the rain. So, if you are considering a sandbox or a dirt box for your kids, consider pebbles instead!

Exploring the Grounds

There was an adorable area set up with a village of shed-sized buildings themed to an old western town. There was a jailhouse, school house, and grocery store for the kids to explore.

Another outdoor area included a climbing apparatus built out of tractor tires and plastic tunnels. It was extremely cool and I wish that I could have been a kid climbing all over it!

Exploring the Grounds

In recent years, the winery expanded into a brewery (much to my husband’s delight). This year they had this fantastic stall set up in the middle of the festival area so that beverages could be purchased without trekking back and forth across the grounds. It was an awesome addition, as were the beautiful Maize Valley Brewery glasses!

Back to the Fall Family Fun!

The remainder of our time spent playing at the winery was back in that playground. Ben had the best day ever, climbing, sliding, digging, and exploring every available area at this outstanding festival. Of course we had to grab a dozen of their pumpkin donuts (which were delicious) and find ourselves a collection of three pumpkins to bring home and carve at the house.

I hope these images can inspire some other families to get out and explore all of the local fall family fun offered this season. You never know what’s going on until you check it out for yourself. With all of these pumpkin patches and fall festivals, we are given ample opportunities to build family traditions, make memories, and capture all of these sweet moments together. My only regret from this entire day of fun is that I am not in any of the pictures- the photographer’s struggle is real.

Happy Fall All!

riding in the wheel barrow