Creative lifestyle family portraits are great for families of all shapes and sizes, but they are perfect for families with young and unpredictable children.

Family Portraits with the Colvin Family

A few weeks ago, one my past clients got in touch to schedule her daughter’s first birthday party. While we were chatting I asked if she would be interested in a family session for her young family. She was excited to get some pictures of the whole family together because she loves photographs but usually focuses on capturing her growing children. We got together inside a warm, loosely forested area on one of the last days of good weather before fall became frosty and grey.

Working with Toddlers

Anyone with young children knows that toddlers and babies are completely unpredictable. When it comes to taking pictures of toddlers you have to be fast, flexible, and creative! Easton (2 years) was not really in the mood for pictures that day.  Instead of fighting to get traditional shots I chose to figure out some creative lifestyle family portraits. Once Easton was at ease I was able to capture the whole family together without any goofy toddler faces. Even when I was planning on a more posed family session, my documentary style approach helped to save the day!

Creative Lifestyle Family Portraits

Thankfully, as a mother to a toddler boy, I had thought ahead and brought a selection of treats and some Thomas the Train toys for Easton. It really does pay to know your photographer well! Had I not brought some toys and snacks I doubt we would have had any good shots with Easton at all. There was just too much to explore around him and he wanted to be anywhere but where we were lingering. I think that even though these aren’t necessarily traditional portraits, our creative lifestyle family portraits perfectly captured exactly the dynamic of this little family at this time in their lives. They definitely capture this curious little boy and his current love of trains!