Grow with me sessions are a fabulous way to capture all of the ways your little one changes in his or her first year. When you bring grow with me sessions into your own home, it becomes an opportunity not only to capture your growing child, but to also capture some of the sweet and natural moments of life at home with a baby. About a week ago I had the pleasure of working with Nora on her first part of a grow with me session and this week I got to meet up with sweet Grady and his beautiful mommy!

I know Janelle from Be Yoga Studios, LLC where she teaches a variety of yoga classes. When I started coming to the studio Janelle was still pregnant with little Grady and she was teaching and taking part in classes right up until he was born! Talk about a dedicated teacher, she actually told me yesterday the last yoga class she participated in she was experiencing contractions and didn’t even realize it. Madness, right?!

It’s been a few months now and Janelle and Grady, his daddy and two big brothers are all comfortably situated in their new family routine. So, we made a plan to get together at their home in the beautiful Atwood Lake region. The wonderful windows and bright, unseasonably warm day gave us the perfect light and at-home comfort necessary to have some fun with little Grady.

3 Months: Grow with Me

Hallmarks of third month development can include: raising the head and chest when lying on stomach, and supporting upper body with arms when lying on stomach.

At three months, babies may stretches legs out and kick when lying on stomach or back, open and shut hands, and brings hand to mouth.

Little ones at three months will begin to takes swipes at dangling objects with their hands, watch faces intently, recognize familiar objects and people at a distance, and smile at the sound of your voice.

I had the best time hanging out with these two! Grady was so talkative and playful at times that I just had to pause and have a little chat with him. Then there were sweet little moments of quiet snuggles between him and his mommy, and I stole some snuggles too (can you blame me?). I can’t wait to watch this sweet little boy grow with me!