I love Grow with Me sessions, but they also break my heart a little bit because of how much growing these little people really do. The baby phase is so precious and wonderful, I think we all wish it could last longer than it does. Sure, it’s great when your kid can go to the potty, self-entertain, and not help with every little daily task, but it’s also kind of sad. This is something I understand all too well with my own (almost) 3-year old. Sometimes you just want the squishy, cuddly little bundle back instead of the squirmy, moody toddlers and young children.

But, back to Grady and our Grow with Me series.

Tiny Explorer

I was SO excited for this 9 month session because I knew he would be a lot more mobile than he was at 3 months and 6 months, and we were able to go outside finally! No more cold temps and plenty of lovely sunshine (and dirt) for my little buddy. So we met at his house and went right outside into the yard. I found a couple of cozy little shaded spots and we just let Grady go!

Grady was so ready to army crawl through the grass and muck – sorry about that white sweater, mom. But, this little boy could smell spring in the air and he was in explorer mode! He was over-the-top in terms of being absolutely adorable and the perfect little baby model. What can I say? My clients are just THAT cute. Yes, THAT CUTE.

Just look at that little face! I cannot handle that smile and those four sweet little baby teeth! I don’t know how his momma will ever tell him, “No”. And I certainly can’t believe the next time we get together he will be a great big one-year-old and well on his way to the toddler years. Such a handsome little stinker.I wonder what kind of antics we can get ourselves into when he turns 1. It should be a hot, summer day out by the lake.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Grady’s 3-month and 6-month grow with me sessions. We are doing all of these sessions “at home” with Grady and his mom. We are 100% in his element and I think he really enjoys it. He doesn’t have to warm up to a new space or unfamiliar objects; he just has to be cute (which is effortless).

Until next time!