A couple of months ago, I saw a desperate plea appear on a local sales and trade page where a mother was seeking a non-conventional photography job, well my attention was immediately grabbed. It turned out that this woman had booked a photographer who forgot about the first birthday party she had booked and scheduled a wedding instead! Talk about a nightmare! Well, this was exactly along the lines of what I want to be able to provide to people- professional grade documentary photographs to capture important events and occasions during which the parents and family members should be focused on being in the moment, making memories.

She requested pictures of all the details for the party she was spending so much time putting together and threw in a special request for coverage of some special guests in attendance for this big occasion. PERFECT. Exactly the gig my heart beats for… I was so excited and so happy with the results.

Since this birthday I have booked another one for this upcoming weekend. I can’t wait! It was so much fun watching these bumbling little babes play and explore. Check out little Easton, his family, and little friends!

All the Careful Details

Spending Time with Family and Friends

Cake Time!

Play Time

This first birthday party was a spectacular experience for me and for the family. It was such a blessing to be included in such an important day. The energy and activity reminded me very much of working at a wedding, but this time I was allowed to obsessively take pictures of adorable kids!  Kids make everything more fun, from the silly antics, the goofy smiles, to drawing me down to get on their level on the floor or ground in order to really capture their experience of the birthday party.

I can’t wait for my next party!