“My kids won’t pose for pictures,” is a really common problem for moms. Instead of fighting the kids, try exploring their comfort zones.

There are many circumstances in which our children are just not interested in participating in photographs. It happens, but the important part is how we react to it. We can choose to fuss, argue, and build up tension and frustrations  or we can choose to let go and find our captures instead of create them. When my kids won’t pose for pictures, I stop trying to make them fit into my idea of “perfection” and I take the time to see things from their perspective.

My Kids Won’t Pose for Pictures

I adore documentary style photography because it is so normal. They are more than just snapshots, because they are shot with intention, technical knowledge, and artistic choices are made. Despite that, they are the kinds of photographs that you would put into a family photo album, baby book for your child, or picture frame. These aren’t photos in your best clothes, smiling fake smiles, and pretending to have a good time. When my kids won’t pose for pictures, I am able to capture the truth of how beautiful, natural and fulfilling my life with them can be every single day.

Embrace the Silliness

Toddlers can be the most unpredictable and difficult models to work with, but this is still an extremely important age to capture. Toddlers are between babies and young children. They are growing, changing, and developing their personalities and interests in this stage. One of the easiest ways to capture sweet and memorable photographs of them is to let them be toddlers and see what happens. Toddlers are inquisitive, unpredictable, messy, and unrestrained. Those elements are a perfect recipe for a delightful batch of photographs if you’re willing to let them lead rather than try to force them to sit still and look at the camera.

Explore Different Angles

When my kids won’t pose for pictures, the images I capture might not be “perfect” or “ideal,” but that doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful photographs worthy of being framed. These are the images with stories to tell. These images are ones that will remind me of what it was like to parent a child at that age. Images like these will better portray your unique child and his or her personality as it is emerging at any age.

Tell the Whole Story

There is a reason that this kind of image is what you would find in a photo album or scrap book – these are the images that tell the story of your life. These are the images that give you warm fuzzy feelings or make you laugh out loud or even just roll your eyes. These images capture priceless, fleeting, irreplaceable moments from your life story. Don’t let a fear of imperfection rob you of the opportunity to cherish your wonderfully imperfect life.